Hypnosis Audios

My hypnosis audios put you in an addicting trance making all worry leave your mind.  You’ll finally feel as if you have purpose once it’s all said and done.  The first time you heard my voice, your interest was immediately piqued and you craved more.  Now you’re visiting my mp3 store everyday, purchasing more of my erotic mp3s  to feed your addiction.

I know exactly what leaves you weak.  My sensual voice matched with my curves, makes you fall down to your knees in worship.  You’re submissive so you obey my commands, but you can’t help but want more.  You want to completely immerse yourself into the sensual Goddess experience.  You want to go beyond any limits you’ve already set for yourself limiting what you really want to do.

This is your safe space to explore your fetish for hypnosis audios and serve your desires.

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