Seduction: A Wages of Sin Tale

I have something for everyone who visits my erotic mp3 site.


I introduce to you, Seduction: A Wages of Sin Tale.


The tale of a woman who can’t escape the seduction of the forbidden fruit: her best friend’s husband Apollo.  As her best friend’s husband’s boss and the wife of the city’s second most powerful BBC, she’s caught in between the two in the worse way.  

Now that Apollo has Shawna caught up in an embezzlement scheme at work everything is at stake.  Follow this story and the hurt, realization, blackmail, and eroticism each character experiences to see if the truth will finally be exposed.

This story is very unique as it also ties into my Second Life Sim “The Wages of Sin” and my escort club which it’s also named after.  If you’re looking for something different that ties into a virtual world, this is the story for you.

Some have asked me if this story is about any virtual characters I’ve encountered in Second Life.  I’ll say maybe.


This is an ongoing series with episodes dropping twice a month.


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