Erotic Audio Stories

I have released two erotic audio stories in my diary story mp3 collection.  I will be updating this section of my website once every two weeks.  Diary mp3s are the stories of women in different periods of their lives.  They are questioning what they enjoy sexually and how committed they are to the men in their lives.

If you’re interested in audio stories, I suggest checking out my stories 11 and The Wages of My Sins.  The characters in these stories are Amour and Godiva respectively.  In 11, Amour has two special men in her life, but does she crave one more than the other?  In The Wages of My Sins, Godiva is a powerful woman with everything she could want at her fingertips, but will her private club in the sex district put her fate into the hands of a sexual predator?

Amour and Godiva will have more diary entries coming out in two weeks.  I’ll be coming out with more erotic audio stories in the form of diaries with new characters at the end of the month.  Some characters will have more diary entries than the others depending on popularity.

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