Welcome to eroticmp3s!  This website houses mp3s of different types.  Sensual hypnosis, diary mp3, paranormal series, femdom mp3s, joi, cbt, guided masturbation, sissy hypnosis, body worship mp3s, and more!  All mp3s are by me, Sarabi Maraj.  Learn more about me by clicking here. You can also hear my voice by clicking that link as well.  

If you’re into paranormal things, I have a couple of different series that are centered around things that most don’t believe in.  I believe it’s necessary to experience things out of the ordinary to enjoy life a bit more.  I have a very vivid imagination and like to explore it as much as possible.  So I create mini audio series frequently.  Some are solo episodes that explore just one fetish while others are longer audios that include many kinks.

Jerk off audios are essential for a pleasurable release for all my male followers.  I create new orgasmic audios weekly so you’ll always have something to listen to when you have the urge to release but need a guide.

I also create custom mp3s for those that are interested.  When I’m available for the commission of custom audios, I will post it here.  

Updates will always be posted on social media and my blog.  

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