Halloween Hypnosis Pt 3

You’re still here… Welcome to Halloween Hypnosis Pt 3!  You’re craving more but scared of the outcome.  You know there’s no return once you keep clicking and buying my hypnosis mp3s. Welcome to your end.

Halloween Hypnosis Pt 2

Pt 2 will keep you going… Welcome to Day 2 of Halloween Hypnosis!  How are you feeling after pt 1?  I hope you’re enjoying yourself and you keep going and keep clicking as I condition you to be exactly who you’ve been wanting to be.  This time around we’ll dig a little deeper. 4m

Halloween Hypnosis Pt 1

You will continue to click and continue to buy Every day in the month of October, a new hypnosis audio will be released.  Each one will make you more addicted, making you crave me even more.  In pt 1, it will be a light introduction of what’s to come.  I want you to take your […]

Goddess Motivation – Slight Hypnosis Mp3

Sometimes you lack motivation… Goddess needs you at your very best so you serve her the way she likes.  In this mp3 I tap into your mind and repeat necessary statements to make sure you’re on the right track. 6m

You’re Addicted

I know your cravings for me have grown, but this mp3 will draw you even closer to me. You’re Addicted gives you even more of my voice and taps into your hidden submissive desires.  You’ve always wanted more in your submissive role and now is your turn to show me just how far you want […]

11 – A Diary Mp3

Summary: Listen to the diary entry of Amour, a sensual woman in her 30s whose sexual thoughts fill her mind one early morning. 5m

Hypnotic Nut

I know you want to be seduced…. in a hypnotic way. Your nut is mine for the taking.  Sure you want to cum, but in this mp3 I’ll be testing your limits and seeing just how long you can hold out. 4m 14s

Custom Mp3s

I charge $8/minute with a 3 minute minimum for custom mp3s.  After purchase, email me at eroticmp3s@gmail.com with what you want the focus for your erotic audio to be.  I’m open to most fetishes.

Sensual Voicemail Options

I love using my voice to help others receive pleasure. You now have the privilege to hear my voice in the morning, evening, and even throughout the day with erotic voicemails created just for you. I do offer a few options.  If you have questions, email me at sarabi@theeroticempire.com or eroticmp3s@gmail.com. After your purchase, I […]

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