Jerk Off Radio Uncut Ep 2

For those that don’t know I have a podcast Jerk Off Radio, and new episodes are released every week on my website  The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spreaker, and other platforms.  I do not release all the naughty details in my episodes.  I provide explicit details in an uncut version that’s […]

Access Denied: Keep Stroking mp3

You’re Still Here So that means you can’t help but keep stroking.  It’s something about my curves that keep you so addicted.  You can’t turn away no matter how full you are with nut. Keep going. 2m

Thick Weakness: No Cumming Series

My phone rings and I already know who it is.… before I even look at the caller id.  You can’t help but to keep coming back for more.  You’re addicted to my wide hips, thick ass, and sensual voice. You’re going to keep coming back for more.  You can’t help it.  You’re no longer in […]

Halloween Hypnosis Pt 10 Cuckold Edition

You’re here even weaker than before I know it took a little time to understand your place, but now here you are.  You enjoy watching bbc get fed to my thick addicting pussy, but it still makes you a little sad inside. And that’s okay. My moans make you quiver.  You want more. 3m

Halloween Hypnosis Pt 9 Cuckold Edition

You love BBC especially seeing it go in and out of me… Day 9 brings something special for the cuckolds.  You want to worship me and watch big black dick go inside me and make me cream.  Here I give you what you’ve been waiting for. 3m

Halloween Hypnosis PT 8 FINDOM EDITION

Another day and you’re still addicted Pt 8 is just as intense.  You’ll dig deeper and give me your all.  You’ll keep purchasing my mp3s and getting more addicted.

Halloween Hypnosis Pt 7 FINDOM EDITION

Keep clicking, buying, and repeat Your purpose is to serve Goddess with your financial means.  You’ll keep clicking my items, buying them, and then you’ll repeat this over and over until you’ve done your job. Time to be a good boy. 3m 8s

Halloween Hypnosis Pt 6 SISSY EDITION

You love wearing panties. Here is another Halloween Hypnosis Sissy Edition.  You’re becoming a real woman but you need affirmations.  Keep digging deeper and learn who you truly are. 3m

Halloween Hypnosis Pt 5 SISSY EDITION

Sissy It’s Time… You’ve been questioning if this is your true self for some time now.  Now that Goddess is here, her words penetrate your mind reaffirming that you truly are a sissy. 3m

Halloween Hypnosis Pt 4

I will serve Goddess.  I will always give into her desires. Halloween Hypnosis pt 4 is more intense and gives you exactly what you’ve been looking for when it comes to brainwashing you.  You’re still here because you want more. Here you go… 4m

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